Cute Flat In Stockholm With Unique Design

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Dining Room Flat In Stockholm

Talking about the flat in Stockholm, your mind will run in many types and model of flat. Well, this city has a lot model of small flat Stockholm that you can find easily around the city. And, today we will talk about one of the hardest place to be arranged, the small flat Stockholm attic space. As we know, this type of area must be created carefully because there are many challenge to open up the area and make it comfortable, pretty and windy.

The 1500 square foot area with 3.5-room has super high ceiling that also act as a small part of upstairs at the living room. Built-in storage units that placed inside this apartment is used to maximize the function of the wall. Trust me, something like this is so needed in a small area. And, this solution might be can help you if you have the same problem with the room size.

Smart storage system from the pretty shelves that also act as the stairway that ready to bring you into the small loft on the next floor. The small space on the second floor, a little table, and storage space give the unique and attractive a look into this area. Both of this area are connected and seem blend with the perfect look. It seems like both of these areas have an unexplained connection. But, seriously it is so good.

Inclined walls, wood, and floor are created I white color to make the space seems bigger and to maximize the overall apartment appearance. Big windows as an access for the natural light comes with another function. To bring the home into the best connection with the nature.

The muted colored furniture inside this area has the elegant form that can support the main purpose of the designer about making this area bigger. Added with the pretty terrace that faces to the south direction, this place seems more than perfect. Small, pretty, and chic with the nice gathering area.

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