Dark is dramatic – use black paint like a pro

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2014 has been the year of black walls. From chalkboard paint to velvety royal touches, we have witnessed the rise of black paint for the home. At one point of time when dark colors were a taboo, black is being embraced by interior designers and stylists across the globe.

But using dark colors indoors comes with its set of challenges. Wrong choice of paint color and texture can make your home appear incredibly dark and disturbing. The secret lies in correctly choosing and implementing dark colors.

Here are five rules for using black paint effectively:

  • Choose the right room: 
  • The first and most important step when using black for your walls is choosing the right room. Dark colors can make a small room appear boxed and one can easily feel closed in. Therefore picking the right room for dark paint is crucial. Choose a fairly spacious room like the living room or the master bedroom for a cozy, relaxed feel when painted in dark colors.

  •  Create contrast:
  • For black or dark walls to work well, there must be an element of contrast. Imagine velvety black walls against crisp white linen. High contrast especially with black and white will create the required drama.

    For dark walls to work, picking the right paint color is also important. High gloss paint will reflect light falling on it and will add a royal touch to the room. A satin paint will add texture to the walls. You can also opt for a mix for matt and high gloss paint for the walls and architectural features like wood paneling.

  •  Use black like a neutral:
  • Black or dark colors work just like neutral. Think of the décor and furnishings you would use with beige and sand walls. Similarly, to make your black walls pop, use a lot of rich colors like orange, gold, purple and jewel tones. Black color has a framing effect. So the jewel tones in your home with stand out against the black walls.

  • Pick the right furnishings:
  • Textures are very important when playing with flat, dark colors. Look for vintage textiles and ornate frames to decorate the walls. You can also experiment with using foil on black walls to add texture. When choosing furnishings, think luxurious velvets, silks and damasks in jewel tones for added elegance.

  • Paint just one wall:
  • If you are still jittery about using black on your walls, start small. Chalkboard paint is another trend that has picked up in the recent past. chalkboard paint on one wall is playful and lighthearted. Choose an appropriate area like a wall in the kitchen, bedroom or kids room. Use it to unleash the creative artist in you or just to chalk in reminders for the day.

    You can also create a gallery wall in the living room on one wall that is painted in black. The black color will help your pictures pop and make it interesting. The choices are endless and if the trend is something you can live with, you can opt to envelope your entire room in a dark and dramatic color.


Dark paint can make your space look smaller. Pick your room to be painted in black wisely


Dark walls work well in rooms with abundant natural light


Create a contrast like black against white for a dramatic effect


It is important to choose the right paint shade and texture when painting dark walls


Don’t be afraid to use color with dark walls


Bright colors will make your dark walls pop


Invest in luxurious furnishings and textiles against dark walls for a royal charm

Extraordinary Design Children Room With Black Wall For Painting

A single wall painted in chalkboard paint is cheerful and lively


Break your inhibitions by experimenting with one dark wall first


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