Decorating a stylish bachelor pad

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Awesome Bachelor Pad Ideas For Living Room

Gone are the days when the words bachelor pad suggested a messy, untidy nestling place for an unkempt single man. Bachelor pads have achieved a fine balance and have evolved into sleek, masculine retreats for game nights that easily transform into a sophisticated space for hosting a romantic date.

Remember that personality is the key to decorating a bachelor pad, and the first step is to understand the person and his requirements. Is he a big gamer or someone who would rather spend Friday evening soaking in a hot tub? Keep the décor in the bachelor pad minimal. A minimalistic approach will be easy to maintain and upkeep. A bachelor pad which is filled with design elements will soon start to look cluttered and drift away from its original stylish feel.

Considering that a bachelor will spend most of his time at home in front of the T.V. invest in a comfortable sofa that can house his friends as well. Keep the living room décor to the minimal with a few interesting art works for the wall and a coffee table. Add a few armless chairs that can be easily moved around. For the upholstery, leather is a common choice for bachelors, but spend time exploring other options like velvet and linen that can be masculine and within the budget at the same time.

No living room décor for a bachelor will be complete without a display of his collections and collectors’ items. These can occupy a prominent space in the living room and can easily become a focal point. Add an element of playfulness and fun by placing a foosball table, a pool table or installing a dart board. Don’t overdo it and limit it to one large game table or two small ones. A grand piano in the living room for a music aficionado will be stunning and will make a grand statement.

Choice of paint for a bachelor pad can vary from deep blues, greys, browns and creams. Choose a warm color that can create a contrast to the décor. Wooden wall finishes can add a simple, but stylish, masculine feel. Consider using wooden finishes for the bathroom.

The bedroom is best kept minimalistic with a generous closet space and few stylish elements, like bedside table lamps. A cow hid for a rug oozes masculinity and adds warmth. If there is an extra room in the bachelor pad, consider converting it into a recreational audio – visual room with a high quality surround sound system. Place a couple of comfortable recliners and a small coffee table for a great date night entertaining.

Place bar stools around the kitchen island so it can double up as a bar and eliminate the need for a separate dining area thus making the space feel open and minimalistic.  When it comes to decorating a bachelor pad the options are endless. Keep the color scheme neutral and add pops of bright colors like fire engine red and deep purple for the space to really shine.

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