Decorating your living Room in monochrome

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We all love hints of bright colors here and there but decorating in monochrome will take your living room to the next level. Inspired by Scandinavian style of decorating, if you are someone who is thinking of taking the plunge into experimenting with monochrome here are five tips to help you decorate with perfection:

Choosing the colors

Decorating in monochrome does not mean that you have to stick to black and white. Vary the tones and you will discover a palette that you possibly never imagined. The contrast of black and white shades can make a big statement. These are two classic colors that will never look or feel dated.


Once you have the color palette in place, you can go ahead and choose the patterns that intrigue you and reflect your personality. Have you always wished for a French country style home? Then go ahead and pick a beautiful monochrome toile pattern. When choosing patterns, remember to vary the scale and the size. Limit your décor to a maximum of three patterns to avoid any clashes.


An important aspect of decorating in monochrome is texture. It gives depth and definition to the colors and adds a glamorous appeal to the room. The easiest way to add texture to the room is by using upholstery fabrics like velvet or tufted leather, decorate with fur, Turkish kilim rugs, lace, natural fiber etc. You can also paint an area in a high – gloss lacquer paint or add mirrors in the room.

Designer Kirsty Swain of Hyphen Interiors says: “You don’t want all smooth textures in a room, for instance, or it will begin to feel a little like a furniture store rather than an interesting lived in space”.


Layering is the key aspect for a successful monochrome décor. By layering we simply mean mixing together the three elements of color, patterns and texture in a way that they complement each other and do not create chaos. Layering is what adds interest to the room and sets it apart from the usual. Start with an empty room by placing the largest objects first and moving down the order. Keep editing as you go, remove what you don’t like and take pictures until you arrive at the most pleasing combination of layers.


Finally, remember to create focal points in your décor. Since the color scheme is largely monochromatic, focal points are necessary to guide the eye across the room. Be it a gorgeous piece of art for your bare wall or a beautiful black leather chaise lounge, the idea is to look for key objects that are different because of their beautiful curves or rich color. These objects create a contrast in the room and can help avoid a flat look.

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