Design a minimalist Bathroom like a private Room

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Awesome Blue Cabinet With Modern Sink And Mirror With Shelves Also Fur Mat With Bathtub

What is your favorite place in the house? If your answer is “the bathroom”, I’m sure you’ll be impressed with these minimalist bathroom designs. This kind of décor doesn’t take up to much space in the room and it gives it a lot of function.

Designing a bathroom as a room is not that difficult you just need to pick the right pieces. Minimalist furniture is very easy to place and it really helps you create that bathroom we all dream of. You can create a truly balanced space in a minimalist bathroom. Minimalist furniture comes in modern materials, bright colors and shiny surfaces. All these features create wonderful effects in a room. You can add unique lamps and roman candles to the room to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can use transparent partitions to divide the space and to capture sunlight and you can use green plants spread across the room to add a fresh touch.

Another great feature of a minimalist bathroom design, in a large room, is that you can create different functional spaces. You can arrange a place with hangers, storage spaces for your towels and bathrobes, all in reach. This creates a lot of comfort when you’re taking a shower or a bath.  You can even add a boxing bag to blow off some steam after a long day.

A minimalist design really emphasizes a modern, easy style, perfect for that special time that you spend in the bathroom. Check out the beautiful minimalist bathroom designs in the gallery below and get inspired! Don’t forget to tweet your results!

Awesome Blue Roomset With Modern Basin And Desk With Shelves And Picture Frames

Classy Floating Cabinets In The Bathroom With Oak Finish In Addition Carpet And Modern Sink

Contemporary Bathroom With Bright Accent Color In Addition Modern Basin And Modern Chair Also Shower Room

Fantastic Bathroom With Modern Sink And Pendant Lamp Also Shower Room With Shelves And Mat

Fantastic Blending Different Textures With Cool Cabinet And Modern Sink In Addition Red Table Lamp And Towel Hangers

Gallery of Design a minimalist Bathroom like a private Room
Stylish bathroom in grey and white with modern sink and cabinet also shower room with glass walls and round table
Fantastic blending different textures with cool cabinet and modern sink in addition red table lamp and towel hangers
Awesome blue cabinet with modern sink and mirror with shelves also fur mat with bathtub
Contemporary bathroom with bright accent color in addition modern basin and modern chair also shower room
Fantastic bathroom with modern sink and pendant lamp also shower room with shelves and mat
Interesting design idea with modern curved sink and modern shower room in addition bed and round tabel with unique table lamp
Gorgeous contemporary kitchen aquo in addition modern bathtub and carpet also cainet with modern sink
Awesome blue roomset with modern basin and desk with shelves and picture frames
Classy floating cabinets in the bathroom with oak finish in addition carpet and modern sink
Keeping bathroom design simple and minimalist with blue decoration and modern sink and shelves with wall lamps

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