Disaster-Relief Bed for The Disaster Area

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Cardboard Box Emergency Bed Design

For a place with high frequency of disaster, these Disaster-Relief Bed is very suitable for you. These disaster relief bed down set will be very suitable to be brought in the disaster area to help the victims of natural disasters in the evacuation camp. These awesome and helpful creation of disaster relief beds are made from cardboard. So, this is not only helpful, but also Eco-friendly because it is made from the recycled material.

Disaster like what has happened in many places such as Japan and Indonesia have suddenly brought our mind to find a solution for these problems. One of the solution is coming from the people NOCC from France. They have thought very hard to find a good creation for the emergency situation to help the victims especially the kids can keep cozy, health, and safe.

The NOCC just created a good way to make a super simple bed that arranged from four simple units of cardboard that can be sent and created easily in the victim area. They do a little change in the middle of the box. They give a bigger holder in the middle to hold the body weight of human when they are sleeping. It is done to adapt the body shape because when we are sleeping mostly the pressure is on the middle.

The modular cardboard bed can act to be used in many ages and size of body. Even s, it can also be divided to form another furniture like as the table, chair, and many more. Under it, it can also be used as a storage area to keep your stuff.

Might be this is not the most cozy bed in the world. But, do you ever think how helpful is this thing in the emergency area. Very helpful, simple, and smart.

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