DIY: fantastic 3D Wall Art

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3D Butterfly Pins In Living Room

If you want to break the monotony in your house’s design, if you’re bored of the atmosphere that took over your home, try this for a change: 3D wall art. In one of our previous articles, we discussed wall stickers and metal wall art to spice up your home. Now let us turn you to a more exciting and modern decoration the 3D wall art.

3D wall art is considered a free art that is applied to the walls of your home. To avoid getting bored of your rooms learn how to make your own 3D wall art. There are some really easy methods to create your own original wall embellishment. Firstly you should prepare the elements you’re going to use. For this particular example you’ll need some wool yarns in various colors, a few nails and a hammer. And now what?

Follow these steps:

1 . Determine the pattern or text that you want to create.
2 . Set the nails in the main points of the pattern.
3 . Take the wool yarn and wrap it around each nail in the pattern.

It’s not that difficult! You can use this nifty 3D wall art for your child’s room.

But there are other ways to create amazing 3D wall art. Using wall stickers create your own 3D concept for your wall, just use colored paper. Try creating a bird pattern on the living room wall like in the pictures below. This craft is easily mastered, so don’t shy away from it! Good luck and don’t forget to share your original 3D wall art on our social pages!

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