Dwellings Apartment in The Middle of City

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House California Bathroom Tropical Dwellings Apartment

When people decide to stay in the middle of a big city, I believe they have realized the consequences they will face Might be they will get the strategic position, but not with the large space. The price of the space there is totally expensive. It will be a big deal for the gardener lover because it means you can’t get a green yard outside your apartment. But, you will not say so after you take a look at this 1200 Sweetzer. There is another way inside this dwellings apartment to bring the green into your home.

This dwellings apartment is created by AI Architects & Urban Moment, Inc. Takes place in the middle of West Hollywood, this apartment serve the refreshing green surroundings in the middle of the city. The location of this place is so near with the public are such as Santa Monica Boulevard, mall, cafe, club, etc. Trust me, you will find an amazing apartment inside this eye catching black and yellow building. They don’t only sell about the location, but the awesome design too.

The apartment is coming with the modern style. The white seems a favorite color of the designer. This color is used in all sides of the apartment. The walls, roofs, and some furniture. The design inside this apartment can represent well the modern and urban citizen lifestyle. This apartment also has the balcony for every home. The white walls are combined with the brown dark floor and modern furniture and bring a good impact to the space.

This combination makes the apartment seems bigger and spacious. This apartment seems airy with the big glass windows that can serve you the green environment outside it. The glass accent is dominant enough to this area and can easily be found on the furniture and on the other spot such as bathroom. The kitchen also comes with the simple and modern appearance with the combination of white walls and metal accents. And, above this tropical dwellings apartment there is a small green garden with the access to enjoy the fresh air and the environment around it.

House California Bedroom Design Tropical Dwellings Apartment

House California Bedroom Details Dwellings Apartment

House California Bedroom Dwellings Apartment

House California Bedroom Tropical Dwellings Apartment

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