Earthy Decor meets contemporary in Residence Design

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Black Levels And The Wood Too With White Roof And Wood Floor Also Some Of Glass Wall And Rocks Wall Too

Bricks, stones, wood, and greenery are all elements that meet in this house. As beautiful, as organic, this residence, built in Medellin, a city in Columbia, is perfect for someone who likes an earthy decor for their home. The outlook of this residence evokes a spacious ambiance because there is no fence on the property. Moreover, this residence has green lawn all around, which creates a refreshing sensation.

Another organic material used to create this earthy decor is stone. Stones are used to make walls. This way, by incorporating the stones into brick and wood walls, the natural look is beautifully emphasized.

To complement the natural vibe, this residence uses contemporary furniture. As an example, check out the counter used in the kitchen. Besides the kitchen furniture, other modern furniture pieces are used to beautify the living room, reading room, and other rooms. The sofas and chairs used to complement this earthy decor are trendy, yet elegant.

As ornaments, this earthy decor utilizes a stunning red rug and a unique cow carpet. Just like another modern and earthy houses, this residence uses giant glass windows to capture the natural sun light. This is truly a perfect earthy decor for a home! Check it out in the gallery below!

Brown And Black Levels With Little Lamps In The Roof And Grey Sofa And Unique Design Of Wall With Wood Floor

Brown Wood Furniture With Black Marmer Desk And Three Modern Chair And Wood Rack Also Some Of Plants In The Corner

Classic Chair In The Corridor With A Red Feather Carpet In The Wood Floor And Rocks Wall With Glass Window

Concrete House With Grass Yard And A Single Cute Tree Also Some Of Gree Trees Around And A Beautiful Sky On Top

Concrete Wall With Opened Room And The Pool Outside And A Brow Sofa With Wood Desk

Gallery of Earthy Decor meets contemporary in Residence Design
living room with a brown sofa with wood unique rack and a bicycle decor on top and a feather carpet also a yard view outside
little pool in the yard with relax chair and the wood floor with sky on top and trees around
wood floor and the black gate and levels with white roof and some glass wall also a glass door too
difference wall design and the glass wall also wood floor and the grass outside and relax chair too
wood floor and the rocks with green trees view in the natural house
concrete wall with white roof and little lamps also some side of wood floor and rocks and grass outside
black levels and the wood too with white roof and wood floor also some of glass wall and rocks wall too
single relax chair with cows pattern and a red carpet in the wood floor outside with sky on top and trees around
brown and black levels with little lamps in the roof and grey sofa and unique design of wall with wood floor
living room with cows pattern of the carpet and red sofa also grey sofa and single classic sofa in the wood floor
brown wood furniture with black marmer desk and three modern chair and wood rack also some of plants in the corner
concrete wall with opened room and the pool outside and a brow sofa with wood desk
concrete house with grass yard and a single cute tree also some of gree trees around and a beautiful sky on top
kitchen set with wood furniture and three chair in the white marmer floor and wood floor in other side also white roof ith some little lamps too
minimalist house with an opened terrace with some red chair to chat and single relax chair and a grass view with trees around
grey sofa with feather pillows in the wood floor and the black and brown levels and the white roof with little lamps
classic chair in the corridor with a red feather carpet in the wood floor and rocks wall with glass window
ntaural view of bathroom with glass wall and wood cupboard with pot of flowers and red carpet in the marmer floor

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