Easy Steps to Make A Healthier Home in 2013

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Healthier Home 2013

New year means a new resolution. I guess that is not a bad idea to make a resolution with our home. There are so many things we can do to make our home better. Coming to 2013 will be greater if your home also has its progress. The progress that I mean here is about making your 2013 healthier home. Here, we have some list to make your home healthier.

a. Kitchen
Use the vents to bring the smoke and toxins out from your home. Using the kitchen and oven to heat your home is a bad idea because there is a possibility if the smoke and the combustion contains the toxin. And, it can be danger right? And, close all of the holes and crevices that can be the way for the insect to entry your home.

b. Bathroom
Make sure that all of the fans and vents are working. This is important to eliminate the moisture because as we know, too much moisture will give a bigger possibility for the mold and bacteria. And, place more grab bars in some areas. And, if you keep the medicine here, make sure it is easy to reach.

c. Bedroom
Smoke detectors must be controlled regularly. This is important because in the winter when the fireplace is used, carbon monoxide poisoning is possible to happen. Clean and replace the rug regularly, and choose the safe paint because this is important for the children’s health.

d. Stairs
It is not a bad idea to use the gates on the stairs especially if you have kids. The rug on the stairs is important too to prevent slippage.

e. Roof
The most important thing for this area is the regularly check of the cracks and water leaks. Make sure it works well and there is no cracks or water leaks.

f. Basements, crawl spaces and laundry rooms:
Check the gas appliances regularly and make sure there is no carbon monoxide leaks. And, check the pipes and area around it. Make sure that there is no leaks.

g. Rooftops
The most important to be checked in this area is the water leaks. Make sure there is no water leaks or another way for the water to in. I believe you don’t want to get a big problem in your rainy days, right?

h. Garage Keep this area clean.
And, if you keep some stuff such as bags, shoes, or boots, make sure it is closed well and far from the children’s reach.

i. Outdoor area
Check the swimming pool regularly. Fix it immediately if you find the cracks. The automatic pool covers can be a good option for you. All of them are the easiest ways if you want to get the inspiration about how to make your healthier home.

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