Eco-Friendly and Reused Material in Sustainable Armchair

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Eco Friendly And Artistic Armchair By TONDA

Modern design can create an awesome project even it is created in simplicity. For me, it is the magic of modern arrangement. Sometimes in making a modern project we are too focus with its style only. Not many people out there who still remember one important thing in making a project. The environment. Many of us forget this thing even it becomes a global issue right now. But, for the people who still care about it, I’d like to introduce to you about the sustainable armchair. Here, this armchair is not only coming with its style, but also coming with its Eco-friendly concept.

TONDA is a project by Capolinea Design. They create this armchair with a super modern arrangement and futuristic look. Based on the press conference, this furniture is so Eco-friendly because it is created from the recycled cellulose tubes. So, they reuse these tubes and change it into a very beautiful armchair. They also make a collaboration with Alessandro Zuek Simonetti to create the design for the next versions. The overall look of this project is so modern and cute. With the pretty colors and cute shape, the final result seems beautiful and awesome with its cute model in curve accents. Even so, this armchair doesn’t only sell the beauty, but also the functionality because it also serves the coziness for the user.

This cute and minimalist armchair design is so suitable to be combined with the modern arrangement. Even so, the curve accents on this armchair will also give the luxury for the room. So, if you expect something luxurious I guess this armchair is also including in that category. The TONDA armchair can also be used in many places even on the outdoor area. I think it is a good idea if you have any plans to bring this Eco-friendly and artistic armchair on your terrace because this armchair is so flexible.

Sustainable Armchair By TONDA

Sustainable Armchair Design By TONDA

Sustainable Armchair TONDA

TONDA Artistic Armchair

TONDA Eco Friendly And Artistic Armchair

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