Eco-Friendly and unique Furniture from Punkalive

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Antique Wooden Chair With Unique Design And Color

Do you feel confused when you need to choose great furniture pieces for the empty spaces in your home? Try these unique furniture designs from Punkalive, which offers eco-friendly and unique pieces. They will create an enchanting effect in your home and they are truly practical, because they come in layers. Check them out in the pictures below!

There is one unique furniture design that can look perfect in your living room. This piece is made from wood and consists of two tables and two chairs. The color combination is also very interesting: pink and brown. The table has no legs; instead it has a curved hole in the middle. The chair has two strong legs and a strong base and prop. You can easily pile it together into a cube, making it look minimalistic, after you use it, and it also makes cleaning truly comfortable.

For your rest room, you can choose another unique furniture piece: the hibernating chair, with its remarkable shape. Made from wood, this chair is so eco-friendly. Without the legs and prop, you can lay your shoulders and feet in a free position. You can take a quick nap in the afternoon. The curved shape and the two colored layers, in green and brown, give an aesthetic touch to this design. Create a modern room with these unique furniture designs from Punkalive and don’t forget to share you designs!

Beautiful Chair Made Form Wood With Pink And Wooden Color

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Gallery of Eco-Friendly and unique Furniture from Punkalive
Ideas for unique high roller sun lounge with white and green color
You can see beautiful blue light on this cabinet when lighting off
Antique wooden chair with unique design and color
Beautiful chair made form wood with pink and wooden color

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