Eco Friendly Home Apartments and The Perfect Concept

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Bar Eco Friendly Homes Apartments

If you ask me about what is the best apartment that can be good in the global warming era like this, of course my answer is the Eco friendly home apartments that I will bring to you. The Horcasitas Apartment is a trendy and modern apartment that can give so many ideas for you. It is created by DEN Architecture with the awesome modern design. They can renovate this old fashioned apartment into a super modern and eye catching apartment.

The home is mostly painted in white and anther neutral colors with the combination between concrete, metal, glass, and wood. The furniture that used inside this pretty apartment is using the same theme with the modern and minimalist design. The furniture and the overall design can reflect the modernity and simplicity that can be so perfect for the citizen with the urban lifestyle.

The brown color on the sofa seems so pretty with the soft brown rug under it. The modern kitchen seems great with the small brown bar and modern furniture for cooking. The red accent on the bar gives the freshness into overall space. Combined with the small dining table besides it with modern white seat and glass tabletop that face the big glass window in the other side to access the terrace, all of them can result a perfect and stylish appearance.

The bedroom uses white color as the main color combined with the wood accent in the wall. The creator can maximize the view outside and placing the big glass window here to enjoy the surroundings. The white color and the wood seem so blending and balance. The bathroom in this apartment is made with the black color and stylish arrangement. Inside this environmentally friendly home apartments, they use dual-flush toilets, low VOC paint, reclaimed plumbing fixtures, recycled tiles, and the re-use of existing floors. Very Eco-friendly right?

Bathroom Details Eco Friendly Homes Apartments

Bathroom Eco Friendly Homes Apartments

Bedroom Eco Friendly Homes Apartments

Bedroom View Eco Friendly Homes Apartments

Before Bathroom Detail Eco Friendly Homes Apartments

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