Eco-friendly System inside Al Bahar Towers Housing

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Al Bahar Towers By Aedas Design

Abu Dhabi always can surprise us with the awesome and unexpected design. After surprising us with its awesome buildings, Abu Dhabi comes back with another awesome building. Here, we will talk about the Al Bahar Towers housing with its surprising technology and idea.

The Al Bahar Towers is coming from the Aedas Architects. They create a wonderful building in a luxurious and surprising design. This modern building is coming from the idea of the traditional Islamic grille that called named “Mashrabiya” that has a unique form. This structure also gives the advantage to the building. Not only for the decorating accent, but also as a defense of the heat attack from the extreme climate of Abu Dhabi. This building is created as an office. It is big enough to cover all of the employee. Every part of these twin buildings can accommodate more than 1,000 people who are working here.

Just like the other buildings, this awesome building is created with the oval form and pretty details in the walls. The use the pre-rationalised geometry shape to maximize the wall and floor ratio. The pretty accent of ‘Mashrabiya’ outside is the main point of this building. Very unique and striking. This layer also act as the screen filter from the sunlight and as a good solution for the glare. It is controlled by the modern technology that uses the energy that sent by the photo voltaic panels. Behind the ‘Mashrabiya’ layer, this building also uses the glass surface to cover the construction.

Because of it needs so many energies to operate the modern system, the creator also brings another solution to limit the electricity. They use the solar energy. Actually, this building is facing the south with the ceilings will create the photo-voltaic cells that can be used to cover the five percent of total energy need of the building. So, the maximize the solar energy. Very Eco-friendly, right? Don’t you think that these Al Bahar Tower housing Abu Dhabi is so awesome?

Al Bahar Towers By Aedas Night Vision

Al Bahar Towers By Aedas Picture

Al Bahar Towers By Aedas Plan

Al Bahar Towers By Aedas Planning

Al Bahar Towers By Aedas Tower Housing

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