Elegant and Rocking Look inside Graham Residential

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Bathroom Graham Residential Construction

The simplicity inside a modern and minimalist home always inspires many people especially the citizen to make the same thing for their home. And, if you are one of them, I believe you are busy to search and find the information and idea to help you make you dream modern home comes true. And, here I will help you find them from a wonderful modern home in California. The Graham Residential has everything. The wonderful minimalist modern style and perfect location with the wonderful environment and scenery because from this home, you only need to have a little walk if you want to reach the sea.

The Graham Residential is created with the simple shape. It is square and seems like a big box in the glass walls. Just like what we know, the strength of this home is about the environment outside. That is why, glass can be the best material to show the wonderful and relaxing sea that can be enjoyed in all spaces of this home. Besides the glass, this home also has another combination of material such as wood and concrete. The interior design of this home is so spacious. Every level shows the variation of form, size, and design. Even so, this home also has the large open area where you can make a cool big party with your friends in the edge of the sea.

Every level of this home is linked by the black stairways and, all of them are coming with the wonderful and fashionable style and contemporary design. Simple sofa, modern seats, shelves and rug can perfectly fill this home and result a wonderful arrangement. Inside this home, E. Cobb Architects doesn’t only make this home in minimalist style. They also give the variation in the other area just like what we can see on the cheerful pink bedroom and the cute tiles on the bathroom. All of them finally combined with the perfect lighting to make this home shine and seems elegant in the night. Just check this out and you will find the interesting ideas on Graham Residential construction.

Dining Area Graham Residential Construction

Exterior Details Graham Residential Construction

Exterior Graham Residential Construction

Exterior On Night View Graham Residential Construction

Front View Graham Residential Construction

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