Elegant Root Tables for Your Home

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Root Coffee Table Large

Talking about furniture, there are so many kinds of table out there. Everything you want with so many styles and design with different materials are available. And, today I will show you this awesome Root Tables. This awesome and pretty table is an awesome creation from Ekta Shah. Take a look at these pictures and you will get what I mean.

Actually, these awesome pictures are sent by her. And, she also explained about this wonderful project. The main idea of this table is coming from the natural process and natural shape that can be found easily around us. Well, nature is always inspiring and it is a never ending inspiration for us. She uses the philosophy of the teak root on the underground that can support the tree above it. This thing can also be used in the table mechanism. So, she brings it inside these root tables.

The table is created from the wood and glass material. It has the unique legs that created in rounded form. Actually, this is not only a round, but almost like many ring that arranged to make the unique part to hang the table. This part is created from plywood material. And, the tabletop layer above it is created from glass. This is so unique with the combination of the neutral wood color in soft brown that combined with the transparent glass material. The sculpt concept still appear and strong. The transparent side almost invisible and make the pretty accent above the table striking.

The overall combination can create a very awesome table. This table’s shape is not only petty, but also elegant and luxury. I guess it will be perfect to be combined with the sofa in the living room or as the decorating item in your home. These teak root tables are so functional, right?

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