Enjoying Beautiful Sea View from a Brazilian House with Interesting and Luxury Design

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Bright White Open Floor Bedroom Of Brazilian House With Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass And Curtain Also Large Bed In White With Wooden Side Table And Table Lamp With Flouting Shelves Above It

For those who love to explore home design, going to Brazil can be a best chance to explore Brazilian house. One of the houses that is recommended for you to explore is this Brazilian house that we found in Rio De Janeiro. The house is designed in open floor plan with spacious view to the beautiful sea in front. The house also combined several materials on the design that makes it looks interesting. Let’s just explore more of the design!

In front of the house, you can find modern large swimming pool with freshwater that has the same length to the house. Wooden deck decorates the pool and offers comfy lounges in white color that is comfortable for your lounging place. The inhabitant can enjoy swimming on the pool and also have sunbathing on the lounge while overlooking the beautiful sea in front. Green plants on the yard also give fresh and beautiful nature look to the house outdoor. On the backyard of the house, you can find green lawn and also some plants and trees that are designed to decorates the outdoor and also to contribute fresh air around the house. The lawn also makes a nice playground for your little kids. It is really a fulfilling Brazilian house facility to have.

The exterior of the house shows the lavish combination between concrete, stone, and wooden material in certain composition that give unique and interesting look to the house. The living room of the house is designed in open floor plan with modern furniture and is set to face the outdoor. From this room, you can still enjoy the sea view due to the sliding wall. The inhabitant can also enjoy the breezy wind blowing to their face on the room. The bedroom of the house offers comfy bed and ottoman that is really comfortable for your sleeping and resting place. Floor to ceiling windows glass allows the inhabitant to still enjoy the sea view from bed. It is really a lux and relaxed Brazilian house design.

Comfy Lounge On The Side Of The Jacuzzi Of Brazilian House With Wooden Finishing On The Wall And Floor Facing To The Yard And Under Skylight For Your Ultimate Relaxation

Dresser Room In White Color And Wooden Floor Also White Sink With Stainless Steel Faucet And Large Mirror Above It On Brazilian House With Bright White Light

Large Modern Swimming Pool With Wooden Deck Infront Of The Brazilian House With Comfy White Lounges And Granite Facade Under Beautiful Sky And Open Floor Room

Large Open Floor Brazilian House With Brick Facade On The Exterior Also Glass Railing On The Balcony With Integrated Ligting On The Wall And Green Natural Lawn On The Yard Also Dogleg Style Staircase In White Color

Modern Brazilian House With Wooden Floor On The Terrace Also Comfy Lounges Facing To The Modern Large Swimming Pool In Stone Decoration Also Spacious View To The Beautiful Ocean And Horizon

Gallery of Enjoying Beautiful Sea View from a Brazilian House with Interesting and Luxury Design
dresser room in white color and wooden floor also white sink with stainless steel faucet and large mirror above it on Brazilian House with bright white light
spacious bedroom with large bed and ottoman also wooden side table with table lamp and floor to ceiling windows glass of Brazilian House overlooking the beautiful sea in front
large modern swimming pool with wooden deck infront of the Brazilian House with comfy white lounges and granite facade under beautiful sky and open floor room
spacious and open floor Brazilian House with large sliding wall and soacious terrace in wooden floor also metal railing with blue modern swimming pool and sleek wooden floor also poles and modern furniture
large open floor Brazilian House with brick facade on the exterior also glass railing on the balcony with integrated ligting on the wall and green natural lawn on the yard also dogleg style staircase in white color
Modern Brazilian House with wooden floor on the terrace also comfy lounges facing to the modern large swimming pool in stone decoration also spacious view to the beautiful ocean and horizon
comfy lounge on the side of the jacuzzi of Brazilian House with wooden finishing on the wall and floor facing to the yard and under skylight for your ultimate relaxation
open bathroom of Brazilian House with wooden finishing and modern tub in white porcelain surface also roofless with green yard in front of it for your new experience of bathing
bright white open floor bedroom of Brazilian House with floor to ceiling windows glass and curtain also large bed in white with wooden side table and table lamp with flouting shelves above it
wooden facade and brick decoration of Brazilian House with green yard consisting of green grass and plants also trees with modern design under blue sky and fresh air

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