Exciting Hotel in Sicily Offers the Lavish Combination between Old and Modern Design with Comfort

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Elegant Glass Bathroom With Glass Wall And Sink Also Stainless Steel Faucet And Mirror Next To The Warm Room With Large Candles On Glass Box And Modern Chairs And Floor Lamp

Modern hotel in an old building with contemporary decoration is something that has its own attraction, as a hotel that we found in Sicily. The hotel is interesting with the combination of the existing old building structure and modern decoration. This exciting hotel also offers fresh environment on the outside that will give the inhabitant fresh air to breath in.

Green yard of the hotel offers green lawn, plants, and also trees. The inhabitant can enjoy playing on the yard while tasting the fresh nature atmosphere. Outdoor seats are also available on the yard to facilitate the inhabitant to be able to enjoy and relax sitting on the outside. Upstairs terrace is also available on the hotel with glass railing to give more spacious view over the neighborhood. The exterior of the hotel gives the visual attraction of the combination between old and modern structure. The old structure of the building remains intact. Modern extension is added to the structure to give modern and contemporary look and design.

Modern extension consisting of bedroom in open floor plan is one of the modern designs the hotel offers. It is designed with modern comfy bed and floor to ceiling windows glass that overlooks the green yard. The interior of the room is also modern with bright table lamp on stainless steel bedside table, modern closet, elegant lighting, and also rich texture finishing. The living room of the hotel features modern white sofa and lounge facing to the fire place and cabinet. The room makes a comfy place to sit and relax in warm atmosphere. Glass finishing is also decorates the interior. You can find bathroom with glass wall and finishing located next to the bedroom. Glass wall, shade, cabinet, and also ceiling shows luxury taste of interior decoration.

The bedroom is available in different style and design. You can choose the one with warm lighting from the bulb table lamp and dining table on the room. You can also choose the room with flouting bed and brick wall on the side. The bathroom is decorated with flouting cabinet, elegant bowl sink, and also beautiful planter. Glass cabinet is also available on the bathroom that gives more interesting look to the design. It is really an interesting hotel design to visit.

Glass Bathroom With Glass Finishing On The Wall And Furniture Next To The Bedroom With White Comfy Bed On Wooden Floor Also Windows Glass With Curtain

Modern Bathroom With Glass Shade And Wooden Floor Also  Bowl White Sink And Stainless Steel  Faucet With Large Mirror On The Wall Also Planters On The Flouting Cabinet

Modern Interior With Wooden Floor And White Concrete Facade And Modern Fire Place In Front Of Modern Chairs And Table Also  Cabinet And Warm Lighting

Old Structure House With Brick Finishing Combined With Modern Furniture In Subtle Lighting Also Planters On The Table And Door Opens Up To The Green Yard Outside

Outdoor Dining With Wooden Table And Bench On The Terrace With Warm Lighting Also  Stone Staircase Next To The Green Garden With Plants

Gallery of Exciting Hotel in Sicily Offers the Lavish Combination between Old and Modern Design with Comfort
elegant glass bathroom with glass wall and sink also stainless steel faucet and mirror next to the warm room with large candles on glass box and modern chairs and floor lamp
modern interior with wooden floor and white concrete facade and modern fire place in front of modern chairs and table also  cabinet and warm lighting
warm bedroom with large white bed and soft pillow also rounded table lamp and wall sconces also white table and chairs on wooden floor for your relaxing sleep
modern bathroom with glass shade and wooden floor also  bowl white sink and stainless steel  faucet with large mirror on the wall also planters on the flouting cabinet
outdoor dining with wooden table and bench on the terrace with warm lighting also  stone staircase next to the green garden with plants
tranparent bedroom with glass facade and large comfy bed in white color also different size of pillow and floor lamp also table lamp facing to the green yard
spacious yard with green lawn and and spacious walk pathway in front of large house with red facade and classic  style windows also plants decoration
outdoor seats on the balcony with modern white chairs also elegant coffee table with candles and glass railing overlooking the spacious yard and surrounding neighborhood view
glass bathroom with glass finishing on the wall and furniture next to the bedroom with white comfy bed on wooden floor also windows glass with curtain
old structure house with brick finishing combined with modern furniture in subtle lighting also planters on the table and door opens up to the green yard outside

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