Sophisticated Views from exclusive Villa in Phuket

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Action Figure In The White Wall With Two Lamps In The Roof Also There A Glass Window With White Curtain Beside

It is time for an Asian trip, to Phuket more specifically, the largest and most beautiful island in Thailand. Phuket is well-known for its gorgeous beaches and stunning hotels, that make it a great travel destination. One of these superb hotels is named Villa Beyond. From its seven bedrooms, this villa offers the most sophisticated views in Phuket. The complete facilities of this hotel will make you want to stay longer, whether with your friends, family, or the one you love.

The natural concept that is used in the design of this villa is perfectly applied through the water, stones, and green elements. Starting from the bedrooms, every room has a unique and captivating view. Moreover, because it uses big glass windows in every bedroom, there are no obstacles between you and the very refreshing scenery outside. Every bedroom is completed with wonderful bathroom designs, that allow you to enjoy the amazing view  trough a glass wall, while taking a bath in the tub.

The pool area also features wonderful views. This space has lounge chairs that can be used to enjoy the green surroundings. After taking a swim in the pool, you can move to the bar, which is decorated with fabulous furniture. Overall, this villa is designed in a captivating style, both inside and out. So, don’t hesitate to check in after a long walk in Phuket! And don’t forget to share you pictures!

Beautifull Villa With Some Trees As A View Ouside With Two Relax Chair Beside Little Swimming Pool And There A Balcony With Some Plants In The Pot

Four Relax Bed For Spa In The White Room With Some Glass Window To See The View Outside Also There A Balcony With Relax Chair And Some Pot Of Flowers And Plants

Little Corner From The Bathroom Beside The White Bed With White Washbasin And Logam Shower Also A Glass Wall And A Towel In The Logam Hook

Living Room With Brown Sofa And Grey Pillows Also An Unique Wood Desk And A Flowers Bucket On Top In The Cream Floor With Glass Wall To See The Outside View

Long Wood Dining Desk With Some Gray Chair And Some Of Dining Set With Glass For Drink On Also There Unique Pot Under The White Wall And A Wood Decor In Other Side

Gallery of Sophisticated Views from exclusive Villa in Phuket
white bed in the wood bedcash and unique rock as a desk with flat tv on top and an outside view from the glass door
white bed in the wood floor and flat tv in the white wall with big glass door to see beautiful natural view outside
modern living with white levels and logam handle also there a black lat tv on the wood desk with two pot of flowers
wood floor in the bedroom with white bed and an unique rocks as a desk and some pot on and there a flat tv also big glass door to balcony outside
simple bedroom with natural view outside with white bed and wood balcony with logam gate also there a relax chair and a pot of plant
wood shelf with white washbasin with logam shower and pot of flower under the miror in the marmer wall also a big wood wardrobe too
spiral logam in the white wall as a decor with wood desk and two flowers pot also wood floor and a painting in the wall with some of lamps in the roof
sweet design of villa with relax chair beside the swimming pool and there a balcony on also there a terrace in other side and a warm room in
action figure in the white wall with two lamps in the roof also there a glass window with white curtain beside
simple bar with white and black marmer desk with some logam chair also there bottles and fruits on the desk with some pots of plants anywhere
living room with brown sofa and grey pillows also an unique wood desk and a flowers bucket on top in the cream floor with glass wall to see the outside view
white bath with roses in the water with outside view from the glass wall and a marmer floor also there a wood shelf with white washbasin and big miror too
beautifull villa with some trees as a view ouside with two relax chair beside little swimming pool and there a balcony with some plants in the pot
wood rack in the bathroom with black washbasin and logam shower also there a miror in the grey marmer wall and a white closet too
modern villa with swimming pool and trees view outside also there a balcony on and a luxury room in
white bed with two big pillows and a flat tv in the wood shelf also there a fish painting in the white wall and outside view from the opened glass door
simple bathroom with glass wall in the center with logam shower to bath and white washbasin on the wood desk with a pot to decor and pot of flower too
four relax bed for spa in the white room with some glass window to see the view outside also there a balcony with relax chair and some pot of flowers and plants
white bath full of roses in the water with natural view from the glass wall and marmer floor with wood shelf and white washbasin and a miror
modern living room with black lat tv in the grey marmer wall on the black desk with two flowers in pots also there a big black sofa with grey pillows
little corner from the bathroom beside the white bed with white washbasin and logam shower also a glass wall and a towel in the logam hook
long wood dining desk with some gray chair and some of dining set with glass for drink on also there unique pot under the white wall and a wood decor in other side

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