Expansive Home with Traditional Touch and Perfect Beauty

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Classic Expansive Home Decor Bedroom

Home is our paradise. That’s why we always make it seem like the real paradise. Many people use the best architecture and design from the famous designer and use the expensive furniture to make their paradise come real. Many kinds of design can easily be found out there, beginning from the modern and contemporary until the luxurious one. With the development of trend combined with the human creativity, it makes everything comes possible. Including the review of this awesome home. Created with the original design, this expansive home with traditional touch is ready to shake you world.

This big home is taking place in one of the most wonderful city in the world, New York. You can find this home in on 80 Washington Place. Actually, this expansive home with traditional touch had been renovated by a talented and famous designer, William Rainero. He has brought so many differences and some touch of modernity combined with the Georgian style inside this wonderful home. This stylish home is coming with the domination of soft brown and white that used in this place. The brown is coming from the usage of wood, stone, and bricks which can easily be found inside this home. With the domination of wall bricks, it reminds us to the structure of old buildings. Even so, the combination between all of them can bring the warmness and stylish look inside this home.

In arranging this home, the designer also uses so many glass accent which makes this big home seems bigger than its original space. The glass is used in many sides, beginning from the windows, stairs, ceilings, even on the wall. It all make the light can illuminate this home easily and make it bright. And, the glass accent has made this home seems more stylish modern too. It’s not only about the lighting, but also about the style. Featured with the simple furniture, I think this expansive home with tradition of Georgian touch in New York City comes very outstanding. And, I’ve found another interesting thing inside this place. You will get a big terrace with the swimming pool outside it which also arranged with the Georgian style.

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