Exquisite Apartment with a contemporary Design

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This exquisite apartment is beautifully decorated with leather and ebony to emphasize an earthy and contemporary design. By incorporating these materials, this interior décor looks stunning, naturally. The bedroom is elegantly designed with a dark bed and glossy ebony furniture. To make this room more alluring, the design also utilizes white to produce a beautiful contrast.

The second bedroom of this exquisite apartment has an even more contemporary design that utilizes beautiful artwork for one wall, coordinated with other décor elements in the room, like the pink desk and the black shelves.

The bathroom is designed in a futuristic style. The unconventional tile pattern makes it extraordinary. The contemporary design is best noticeable in the furniture, reinforcing the futuristic ambience of the space.

Moving to the dining room, you can see that the design utilizes a stunning dining set and glass elements. The glass table is as alluring as the pendant lamps that are hanged above it. This exquisite apartment also features a modern living space, decorated with a stunning loveseat and a sofa.

Contemporary Design in an exquisite Apartment

The beautiful fireplace and the glossy ornaments are the perfect addition to this already fabulous room. Don’t forget to share your contemporary design!

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Contemporary Design in an exquisite Apartment
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