Fabulous Fendi Residence in Florida

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Amazing Home Design Dominated By Glass Wall On The Upstairs And Fine White Colored Wall On The First Floor With Orderly Pebbless Between Grassy Ground

The fabulous Fendi residence is located in Florida, USA and it’s designed by Rglobe. It offers a gorgeous living environment due to its stunning interior and exterior design. As we can see in the outer side of this residence, the foundation and building are very strongly built. The white paint and glass wall create a perfect exterior décor and the rectangular shape and flat roof are used to emphasize the minimalist style. The wooden gate leads to a nice entrance and the big coconut trees offer a tropical vibe to the surroundings. The greenery gives off a truly fresh vibe.

The front of the residence features a large swimming pool perfect to cool off in a hot day. The grass planted around it offers a green view. It looks so fresh! On the inside, entering the kitchen, you will see an immaculate space equipped with white furnishings and decors: kitchen island, counter top, cabinet, ceiling, wall and flooring. A lovely room to cook in.

The wooden staircase that is molded into a curved shape leads to the upper floor, where you can find a gleaming bathroom with a white bathtub and sink. The glass wall in this space creates a translucent effect so that you can capture the interesting view outside. Just think about the relaxing moments that you can enjoy in a residence like this! Don’t forget to tweet your thoughts!

Amusing Interior Home Design With Wooden Curved Stairs Illuminated By Upstairs Lamp

Beautiful Exterior Home  Design With A Small Grassy Lawn Between White Colored Wall And Wooden Layer Connected By Glassy Bridge With White Floor

Fascinating Exterior Design With Fine Lawn With A Coconut Tree And Swimming Pool In Front Of Glass Wall And A White Door On The Left Side

Fascinating Home Interior Design With Patterned Wall And A Wastafel In Front Of A Big Mirror And Fine Views Outside The Glassy Wall

Fascinating Interior Home Design With Glossy White Floor And Fine Curved Stair Anf A Door On The White Wall Next To The Glassy Window

Gallery of Fabulous Fendi Residence in Florida
Modern home design full of glasses wall and some high palm trees and grassy little yard outside the wooden fences
Harmonious side yard design with white mosaic block and high palms tree and wooden wall  below a full glasses room with white rooftop
fascinating wooden stairs with the holder on top of little base light and a big lamp floating on to the white ceiling
Interesting cuverd stair made of wooden material with little lamps on its side and fenced by the curved wooden fence on a glossy white floor
Modern home design full of glasses wall and some high palm trees and grassy little yard outside the wooden fences with white writing
Fascinating home interior design with patterned wall and a wastafel in front of a big mirror and fine views outside the glassy wall
Fascinating interior home design with glossy white floor and fine curved stair anf a door on the white wall next to the glassy window
Inspiring bath room design with a white oval bath thub on a dark floor with patterned glossy wall and a cute wastafel in front of a  rectangler mirror
Inspiring exterior design with wooden layer and tidy mosaic floor between grassy ground and a simple garden with shady plants
Fascinating exterior design with fine lawn with a coconut tree and swimming pool in front of glass wall and a white door on the left side
Futuristic kithchen design with a fine hotplate on a patterned table and a watafel on the table next to the white wall illuminated by ceiling lighting
Interesting swimming pool with coconut trees on it side and a pabbles floor on the other side with low stair in front of glassy wall
Amusing interior home design with wooden curved stairs illuminated by upstairs lamp
Amazing home design dominated by glass wall on the upstairs and fine white colored wall on the first floor with orderly pebbless between grassy ground
Beautiful exterior home  design with a small grassy lawn between white colored wall and wooden layer connected by glassy bridge with white floor
Interesting exterior home design with wooden layer combined with glass-full room  and a tidy little garden on far side with mounted coconut trees background
Interesting exterior home design with two bay windows and in front of grassy lawn and a high coconut tree on the left home side
Inspiring arched wooden stairs combined with the same color floor and white colored wall

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