Fall 2014 home decor trends

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Global Mix Of Fabrics

Do you change your home decor with the season? Most designers advise against any drastic structural changes every season unless required. Instead opt for smaller, more manageable changes that do not require a lot of professional help. Incorporating trends from the current season will help refresh your home. Consider trends as guiding principles and not rules. Feel free to experiment with your likes and dislikes from the trend forecasts.

Here are four interesting and easy to incorporate trends forecasts:

Mix global prints and textiles:

We have seen tremendous interest in global prints and textiles in the recent past. Printed textiles with or without surface ornamentation from India, Indonesia, Middle East, Africa and South America are being used by Interior designers to add interesting elements of texture and design to homes and offices. Techniques such as Ikat, Suzanis, African mud printing, shibori, otomi etc have gained a lot of attention. Fall ’14 is all about mixing all these textiles together to achieve a global, well-traveled look. Choose a mix of large, medium and small scale prints and textures in a similar color story. Create layers of different textiles that compliment each other and look cohesive together. When searching for global textiles, look for materials that are handmade and have an artisanal quality about them.

Mix various materials:

Just like mixing global textiles from various parts of the world, Fall ’14 calls for a mix of various hardware materials as well. Think of concrete juxtaposed with metal, marble and shiny brass, glass and metal, the options are endless. Mixing materials is all about taking luxury to a whole new level in a much more organic fashion. When purchasing accessories and small furniture pieces like side tables, look for ones that are a structural combination of materials. for example, instead of just a wooden table, opt for a wood and metal table. Small decor accessories like trays can be a combination of transparent lucite with metal handles. Remember that clean, simple lines add aesthetic beauty to mixed materials.

Go bold with black and white

Ditch the boring beige, Fall ’14 will witness a revival of high contrast decorating with black and white. While white has been a staple of interior design over the years, the year 2014 has seen a surge in black walls. More and more number of people are embracing black accent walls, chalkboard paints and high gloss dark colors for their interiors. Black and white is timeless and luxurious. Opt for softer shades of black and white when decorating your with this trend. Look for blacks that are more matte than gloss.

Decorate with flea market finds

Create a curated look with flea market finds. Vintage decor has been on the rise and Fall ’14 is about displaying your collections and finds rather than minimalistic decor. Vintage finds that have aged over time have a beautiful patina that adds to their character. Small defects and imperfections will add personality to your home. It will add a collected vibe to your home. Instead of displaying vintage and flea market finds throughout the room, create vignettes on your mantel, coffee table or bookcase. Displaying them together will have a much greater impact rather than just placing them randomly. Also, think of creative ways to display vintage finds. Instead of their usual use, get innovative and creative. For example, instead of placing baskets on a table, hang them on the wall.

Global Mix

Decoratoin Using Flea Market Baskets

Flea Market Finds

Coffee Table With Golden Accents Flowered Design 615x628

Luxury Black And White Bedroom With Modern Accents

Gallery of Fall 2014 home decor trends
Black and white can create high contrast and luxury.
Use soft shades of black and white when decorating in high contrast.
Choose a combination of two different materials for Fall 14.
Think of creative and innovative ways to display your flea market finds.
Vintage and flea market finds have a timeless character. Display your finds in a collection.
For a better impact, create layers of different textiles in various sizes
Mix textiles from various parts of the globe to create an eclectic mix.

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