Family Friendly Décor in One Spacious Apartment

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Bespoke Dining Table In Spacious Apartment

A spacious apartment designed by architect Larisa Nikitenko is meant for active family by considering best of comfort and best functions. The house featured various interesting things for everyone in the house. Fresh looking dwelling is the main inspiration in every room. It can be seen immediately from the main room. There are various things those being used in order to prevent a room being plain looking. Take the stripe of glossy teal on the kitchen wall that makes kitchen looks more interesting. The countertops are dropped in level to form the regular height of dining surface over the three pendant lights.

Going to the living room, the monochrome pattern can be found. There is a long sofa that divides areas. There is a center pillar with mirror on it and making the pillar almost dissolve away. More monochrome detailing gives more interesting facing on the wall. In addition to that, there is a gallery of family photographs in hallway creates some sort of warming feel to the room. The flooring of the living room interior is divided in order to separate several areas of the room by using the large white marble tile as well as the blonde wooden plank.

Black Pendant Lights In Spacious Apartment

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