Famous Interior Designers Renovation of Apartment

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Famous interior designers will always get special place for interior world. In the same case, we can see that modern interior designers that has their name in their world. However, interior designer take big rule in arranging a home. With the help of interior designer, we are so sure that our home will be a beautiful home.

If you want to know more about famous interior designers, here are some of the best interior designers in the world who remain the most influential designers that ever lived. The first is Jean Royere. He is considered by many as one of the best interior designers to have come out of France. He had a long career that spanned between 1931 and 1970. During this period, his galleries were opened in three different continents just to make people aware of all his designs. Jean was lucky enough to have royal and other esteemed clients during his tenure. It was during this time he was entrusted with the interior designing of some of the exclusive houses and even palaces. In addition to all his works as an interior designer, he was an accomplished furniture designer. Most of his works have already been displayed in several exhibitions and art galleries around the world. Then, we also have Verner Panton. Considered by many as one of the most talented interior designers of the 21st century, Verner’s work in the 1960’s helped in defining numerous interior and furniture decorations styles. Most of the works of the Danish had vivid colors and often included technologies and futuristic ideas. His contribution to the world of interior designing has been tremendous and is therefore regarded highly by modern-day designers.

Moreover we can see the work of Jed Johnson. It was in the 1960s Jed Johnson started his design and interior decoration company. For this purpose alone, Jed used the Manhattan house of Andy Warhol. During his interior designing career that spanned several decades, he had served several celebrity clients including Barbara Streisand, Richard Gere, Mick Jagger and Pierre Berge. In recognizing his contribution to his field, he was rightfully awarded in the Hall of Fame in 1996. You can see too for Kelly Hoppen. Kelly’s contribution to the world of interior design has been immense and in recognition to this she has been awarded so many times. Considered by many as a real trend setter, Kelly is well-known for her excellence, simplicity and individuality. Most of her interior designing works have shades and colors that are inspired by nature. Kelly has also authored several books on interior designing and other related subjects.

Furthermore, Terence Conran has been won numerous awards in recognition to his works in interior design and architecture. The successful furnishing chain ‘Habitat’ has been founded by him. Today, there are 36 such stores spread across Belgium, France and Britain. Conran Associates, one of the leading interior design consultancies in Europe was also established by Terence Conran. The credit of carrying out the restoration and renovation work near London’s riverside area also goes to Terence Conran. He has also authored several books on interior design and other subjects.

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Gallery of Famous Interior Designers Renovation of Apartment

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