Feng Shui Living Room Furniture

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Decorating a feng shui living room is easy. It needs feng shui living room furniture surely. So, here you are the example of feng shui placement. You should know that feng shui living room furnitures fit to your room. An overstuffed sectional in a 10-foot-by-12-foot living room is going to look overcrowded and possibly make you feel blocked by slowing the flow of chi through the room. Just remember, if you can’t move through a room easily, neither can the chi. Just make sure before you buy to select furniture that fits the space. Streamlined, clean styles may look better in smaller rooms.

Then, Feng Shui furniture permits an arrangement where the main seating area is in a command position of the room. You should be able to arrange other pieces around it in a cozy, conversational way. Avoid placing two seats facing each other directly, as this can lead to arguments between the people who typically sit in those seats.

Moreover, the best Feng Shui living room furniture is a style you will enjoy looking at day after day. It’s simply not good Feng Shui if you don’t like it. Furniture doesn’t have to cost a lot, but should evoke feelings of wealth, security and comfort when you look at it. It’s amazing what a few throw pillows or an opulent appearance, comfortable blanket can do for a room.

Furthermore, avoid harsh lines and sharp corners in tables and storage units. If you have young children, it’s obvious that round or oval tables will be safer. But these smooth, flowing designs also minimize “killing chi” in your space. The sha chi of rectangular and square tables can cause discomfort and health problems. Also, good Feng Shui furniture should help you minimize clutter in your living room, with a place for everything. Whether you employ storage ottomans or shelving, your living room should look neat and clean with plenty of space for the chi to flow.

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