Feng Shui Living Room

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Living room is one of the important rooms for a home. So, you have to design it well. For now on, there is a feng shui living room. Basically, feng shui living room is a place where to receive and entertain guests as well as being an area in which to relax and unwind. However, a feng shui living room is the public face of our private homes. It should be a multifunctional space that is usually one of the largest rooms in the home and plays an important role in family life.

Moreover, Feng Shui living room is the best room in which to activate and make use of the eight sectors because everyone uses this room. The Feng Shui living room should be comfortable to be in, have good lighting, comfortable chairs and a warm and inviting color scheme. Meanwhile, a feng shui home should be clutter-free especially the living room. The living room should not be over-furnished either. Then, store away books and magazines neatly, and arrange furniture so people can easily move through the room without bumping into anything.

Furthermore, in feng shui living room, you have to concern about Ch’i energy that will stagnate in a room that is cluttered and people will find it difficult to relax in such an environment. Then, if the room is L-shaped, one approach is to demarcate it with furniture to “square it off,” and then treat it as two separate rooms.
For example, you can keep one section as a formal area to receive guests and then use the other part as a family room. Another way is to fill in the “missing corner,” perhaps by placing a mirror on the wall so the missing corner appears to be there, work out the central position to hang it from using the shape of the “completed” room. The color of the Feng Shui Living Room can be chosen to emphasize the Feng Shui changes that you have made.

Additionally, if the feng shui living room is located in the Southwest or the Northwest of the home, then it should be a shade of yellow to relate to the earth element. If it is in the Southeast or East it should be green because of the wood element. That is one of the examples for feng shui living room. Also, North and South positions would benefit from shades of blue and red respectively. Rooms in the Northwest and West areas can be effectively enhanced by shades of white, silver, or gold, which all represent the metal element.

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