Fireplace decoration using candles: 12
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Post Title: Fireplace decoration using candles

Category: Home Decor Ideas

Data Uploaded: Friday, September 19, 2014

Uploaded by: Laura Madalene

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Pretty and cute, this fireplace is the ultimate showpiece for the diva turned decorator in you. Notice the elegant lines above the fireplace which is so effortlessly matched with the flowers and the candles themselves.
The elegance of the candles stands speak for themselves. They effortlessly enhance the décor and the charm of this corner with their simple beauty.
A touch of warmth and a hint of Noel to come brings cheer and comfort for all.
A beautifully decorated fireplace with various kinds of candles to create warmth and décor at the same time.
The warm red and green colors perfectly entwined with gold makes Christmas come home before time. Enjoy the holidays with this extra bit of décor that is feel-good and so stylish.
This is rustic chic at its best. Use and blending in of natural elements with the candle and added frou frou looks super elegant.
The image speaks for itself. One of the smartest fireplace decors to choose from, this design makes use of tea lights on innovative logs and keeps the true essence of the old fireplace alive.
Warm and elegant, stylish and sexy – this fireplace blends all kinds of personalities that reside in a home.
Strong and sturdy, this candle décor makes an effortless switch of the fireplace from old to attractive.
The delicate metal branch-work and beads of the Fedora Candleholder captures and refracts the light casting a flickering light and play of shadows in the room.
Innovative carved pumpkins with inserted candles brings the spirit of Halloween come alive.