Flexible and Growing Crib Bed for The Baby

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Convertible Crib Bed Design Ideas

When you have a newborn baby, the thing that you will prepare is the crib bed. But, another problem is all of us know that baby grows very fast and we can say that the common crib bedding sets are useless because when baby is getting bigger, they need a bigger bed too. But, by using the German style, this bed can be the best answer for this problem. Find a crib bedding sets neutral can be solution for the new parents who don’t want to spend money for a useless thing.

This smart idea is coming from Massivholz. They created this crib by using the wood material and cozy bed with two combinations of color. Soft brown and white. The wood accent here is not really strong, but it is coming with the softness, so it gives the calm atmosphere to the baby area.

All parts of this baby bed is so flexible and can be changed based on our need. If you think that you don’t need the slate anymore, just take it off. All parts of this unique bed can be taken, removed, and lifted up easily.

Many transformation can be done with this bed. When our baby is just born and need a full protection bed, you can use all part of the bed and creating the maximum protection. Then, when our baby is getting bigger and need a different type of bed that can be accessed easier than a crib, just remove some of the slate. And, this bed will have a new face and function.

Forget about how much money that you need to pay to get the different bed during the growth of our kids starting from baby into a bigger kid. Because here you only need to pay the crib for the baby, and you get the bed also for free.

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