Floating Bed Overboard with The Floating Ship

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Bedroom Design Of Pirates A Unique Kids Bedroom Design

Making a bedroom for our children especially for the boys can be so interesting because there are so many things that can we do with the small touch of creativity just like what we can see on this overboard bed. The unique floating pirate ship bedroom that seems perfect I brown color and wood accent that ca bring your fantasy into the wild sea with the pirates. This floating pirate ship kids bedroom is so awesome and original!

Steve Kuhl is the man behind this outstanding bedroom project. Don’t you think if this bedroom can suddenly bring us back to the childhood? I personally think that this project is so playful too. The bedroom that i am talking about has the real ship shape. The ship is floating on the roof. So, it seems like a hanging ship. This bedroom is mostly created in varnished wood with the dominant brown color. Because it is floating in the roof, you need to get a way to access it, right? Don’t worry. It has a rope bridge that can link us to the small cute jail that created with the stone accents. This bridge can bring you access the steer of the ship also in the other side of the ship.

Combined with the blue carpet, blue wall with the sea accent wallpaper and blue roof that reminds us to the beautiful sky, the atmosphere here can suddenly bring us to the middle of the sea between the blue sky and water. The creator has tried very hard to bring the sea into this bedroom.

A hidden and invisible rope is created to help you access the downstairs. It seems like your kids have their personal playground inside heir bedroom. They don’t need to go to another places just to play with their friends. Here, they can be pirate any time they want.

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