Four Things to consider before picking a Coffee Table

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It might seem small at first, but buying a coffee table can quickly become a daunting task. With the innumerable designs available you can quickly get spoilt for choice and in turn get confused. Coffee tables have evolved into stunning pieces of art for the living room. Some coffee tables are gorgeous enough to become the focal point of the room. It is best to spend a little time thinking about the perfect coffee table for your home and how you would put it to use.

Here are four things to consider before picking a coffee table for your home:


Ideally you should earmark a budget for every furniture purchase, from a grand four poster bed to a nondescript side table. The budget can help you from going astray and will help people in the store direct you to coffee tables that fall within your price point. Keep a cushion of plus 10% just in case you fall in love with a stunner. When you know exactly how much your pocket can afford, you can easily walk away from the ones you that don’t fall within the set budget. Remember, once you have decided on a budget, stick to it!


Gone are the days when coffee tables meant blocks of rectangular wood to hold your cup of coffee. The shape of your coffee table can define the living room. Circular tables without sharp edges work best for small areas. The circular shape creates a feeling of movement and airiness. People find it easier to navigate in a small room with a circular coffee table. Explore other shapes according to the layout of your living room. It is also an interesting idea to experiment with placing two small coffee tables instead of a large one.


If you are someone who is always on the go, then a light weight coffee table is best to lug around. Invest in one that is light in weight and can be dismantled easily. Stay away from ones that are prone to damage like glass top ones. On the other hand, there is a wide variety of materials, ranging from clear Lucite ones, to classic wooden ones. Choose one that works best with your décor. You can repurpose an antique wooden trunk in the Living Room. If you have a beautiful, intricately designed area rug then you will need a coffee table that does not hide large portions of it. A metal table with a glass top will work best in such cases.


What will the coffee table be used for? Sounds like a silly question? Coffee tables may not always be used to hold the remote but can be as functional as you like. Some people like to use their coffee table as a display, and style the table with interesting books and knick-knacks. Choose coffee tables with extra storage racks at the bottom to hold your stash. You can also use a large size ottoman for a coffee table which can double up for plenty of hidden storage. If you are looking for a coffee table that is easy to clean then invest in a glass top one rather than a wooden one which will require regular polishing.

Designer  Ronique Gibson says: “Coffee tables can be the main attraction in your home, as well as the blending element that makes your interiors coordinate. Before rushing out to get your coffee table, measure your space, and how much room you need to manoeuvre between your existing furniture“.

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