Four Tips for decorating a well – travelled Home

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We often meet people who are avid travelers and their living rooms are filled to the brim with souvenirs from across the globe. There is a fine line between decorating a well – traveled home and one that resembles the souks of Marrakesh. So, if you are looking to decorate your home with souvenirs collected from your travels, here are four tips to help you:

Think out of the box

Decorating your home is all about creative imagination. It’s your home, you can decorate it the way you like. Did you end up buying way too many Kilim Rugs from Turkey? Think about upholstering a foot bench with one of them. Who says the kilim rug is only meant for to be a floor covering, by all means hang it on the wall. Your bare wall will suddenly light up with a burst of color and texture. Similarly, you can use hand woven baskets from Africa as planters for your indoor plants. Thinking out of the box and applying your ideas will ensure that your decor is exciting and intriguing.

Rotate your wares

When decorating your home, it is of paramount importance to avoid clutter. A cluttered look can create uneasiness and chaos in the room and will make a small room appear even smaller. If you have too many souvenirs to display, it is best to divide them into smaller groups. These can be sorted out season wise or color wise. When you create smaller groups you can display them much more efficiently and keep rotating them to change the look of your décor. When not on display, remember to wrap your finds and tuck them away safely.

Create a grouping

Instead of trying to display your souvenirs, big or small, individually, it is best to create groupings by displaying a few of them together. Groupings create a cohesive feel to the décor and your decorative pieces do not clash with each other for attention. Create display groupings on your coffee table, book shelves and mantel. You can also create a gallery wall displaying interesting finds from across the world. Ensure that every piece receives equal attention and you have an inspiring story to tell for every one of your finds.

Create Drama with visual interest

Don’t be afraid to add an element of drama in your décor. Instead of giving your décor a staged look, go ahead, mix and match styles, colors, patterns and textures. The secret behind a well thought out décor is editing at every stage to create something unexpected like mixing Indonesian Ikat curtains with French toile wall paper. Make sure that they all have similar tonal colors. Choose three dominant colors to work with and decorate around the color scheme.

In an interview with, contributing design editor Christine Hanlon says: “Modern global spaces have a contemporary elegance. A parade of patterns from different cultures feels modern and fresh when used together”.

Image Source: Traditional Bedroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Branca, Inc.

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