Frame House United with Nature In India

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Construction Frame House Designs

If you like to stay in a frame house with your family, I believe you have prepared some frame house plans to create your own frame house. I will bring you an example of frame house construction that can be a good inspiration for you to be built in your home. This is a pretty project by Khosla Associates with the comfortable atmosphere that can make you united with the nature. The overall design of this place makes the home seems elegance and natural.

The Vastu has a cantilevered rooftop that combined with many trees, and outdoor-indoor swimming pool to create a perfect combination between the home and environment. In the edge of the swimming pool, there are many stone block that arranged in a unique pattern that also act as a small road to access the other side of the home. Besides it, the beautiful green grass on the park bring the other touch of nature and the freshness to the home. I believe you will find the fresh air easily inside this home.

This home has the great loops, lines, and angles that perfectly created to result the perfect shape and look. Mostly, this home is painted in white color with many timber accent from the wood. You will find many strong wood color such as dark brown and the soft warm brown color in other side. You will also get the wood everywhere, in the roof, in the furniture, even in the small details, all of these parts are filled by the wood accent, but still the most dominant part of this home is the white painted area.

The atmosphere of the climate of Bangalore of India fills all areas of this place. The material types such as stone, wood, and polished concrete floors here also support to bring the atmosphere.

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