Fresh living in a House designed by Bureau 2G

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Amazing Exterior Home Design With Some Big Glass Windows With Various Sizes In The Beige Wall With A Pair Of Red Chairs In Front Of Spacious Green Front Yard With Big Trees And Cloudy Sky Background

Fresh living can be actually experienced in the wondrous new private house in Feluy, Belgium designed by the skillful architects of Bureau 2G. The green environment surrounds the area and it looks so fresh! Look at the swimming pool in the garden below! You can relax while enjoying the fresh green vistas. The comfy chair and table are equipped just for your comfort after swimming.

Entering the living room, you will be welcomed by a nice ambiance which is portrayed by some stunning furniture pieces. There is a sleek grey sofa, a smooth rug and a comfy rocking chair. The fresh orchid is adorned to get a cozy spot with a beautiful view. Beside the living room, a modern kitchen is built. There is a sophisticated kitchen island with a red pendant light. A classical sense is added to this house design with the help of a wooden staircase.

Going forward to the bedroom, you will find versatile furniture pieces neatly organized. There is a story bed equipped with a drawer to store some books or linen. The wooden table and chair are perfect for studying, working or just reading. The red rug and red wall in some spaces will create a vibrant atmosphere. Experience fresh living in a house like this! You won’t regret it!

Fascinating Interior Home Design With A White House Plant On The Fireplace Beside A Stack Of Firewood In Front Of Spacioue Fancy Carpet And A Single Black Chair In Front Of A Pairn Of Glass Door With Ironic Frame

Inspiring Interior Home Design With A Sleek Wooden Staircase Between White Walll With Some Lightings And Some Greneries Outside The Glass Door With Dark Wooden Frame

Interesting Exterior Home Design A Pair Of Red Lazy Seats In Front Of Big Rectangle Swimming Pool With Wooden Desck With A White Table And A Chair In Front Of Orderly Grenery

Interesting Ideas For Interior Home Furniture With A Wooden Classic Chair In Front Of Some Big Glossy Cupboard With Ironic Handling And Panoramic Views On Th Far Side Outside The Glass Wall In The Ironic Frame

Gallery of Fresh living in a House designed by Bureau 2G
Inspiring interior home design with a sleek wooden staircase between white walll with some lightings and some greneries outside the glass door with dark wooden frame
Interesting ideas for interior home furniture with a wooden classic chair in front of some big glossy cupboard with ironic handling and panoramic views on th far side outside the glass wall in the ironic frame
Interesting exterior home design a pair of red lazy seats in front of big rectangle swimming pool with wooden desck with a white table and a chair in front of orderly grenery
Amazing exterior home design with some big glass windows with various sizes in the beige wall with a pair of red chairs in front of spacious green front yard with big trees and cloudy sky background
Fascinating interior home design with a white house plant on the fireplace beside a stack of firewood in front of spacioue fancy carpet and a single black chair in front of a pairn of glass door with ironic frame

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