Fun Looking Coffee Table with The Balloon and Bubbles

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Antique Rustic Coffee Table

As we know, there are so many things that we can do with our creativity. So many awesome designs can suddenly come with a simple idea and inspiration that has been mixed with the human creativity. So many things even the most simple thing can bring you some ideas. And, I guess this fun looking coffee table is inspired by that simple thing, the balloons and bubbles. Then, combined with the creativity of the designer, the simple idea finally can be so interesting and might be little bit “insane” for us. Interesting? Just take a look closer and you will understand.

This cute creation of fun looking coffee table is coming from a designer from England. He is Christopher Duffy, a talented and creative designer from a London based studio, the Duffy London. With this idea, he finally can bring this unique table into yuor home. The table is created in a unique form. It uses the material of glass and metal rods. The glass is used in the up part of the desk with the cute legs under it. The table finally can seem pretty and cute because the legs are created in a unique form. It is created with the round shape that mostly seems like the golden balloons that arranged under the glass table. Very unique and inviting.

The overall shape of the table can serve something interesting into the space. It serves the luxury into the space with the elegant and graceful look. The golden color on the legs makes the table seems classy and gorgeous. Even so, this table is still flexible and I think it is possible to be placed in many places. But, the living room will be the best place for this table. And, if you have some problem with the limited size of area, you don’t have to worry about it because this strong and durable coffee table is available in many sizes.

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