Functional Design inside The Bathtub with Drawers

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Bathtubs With Drawers Design

In the city you will have the common situation that always be a big problem for the citizen. The space. This is because the space you will get in the city will be so limited. And, this is the main reason for all people in the city to consider more about their architecture design because every inch of their space must be used well. I believe you don’t want to waste the limited area you have just to make a useless thing. Efficiency is so important including in making a bathroom. Here, I have a bathroom design that can also be a good solution for this problem just take a look at this inspiring bathtub with drawers. I believe it will give you many ideas in arranging your bathroom.

This bathtub is created by Royo Group. A corporation with a lot of experiences in making the bathroom utility. And, for today we will discuss about one of their awesome product, The Keops Evolution. This bathtub is creating with the modern style. This bathtub is available in two types, the white acrylic and walnut that can be chosen based on your personality and taste. This bathtub with drawers is so functional because it has the shelves under it. The modern white bathtub on the top meets the wood shelves and drawers. It is a perfect combination that still can serve well about the modernity, simplicity, and flexibility on the same time.

This bathtub with drawers is very suitable for a tiny bathroom because just like what you can see, this bathtub is created in a very compact size that will not take too many space in your bathtub. It seems so awesome and perfect to be mixed with the minimalist or modern bathroom because this bathtub is not coming with too many details. It is simple and super functional. Honestly, I really love this multifunctional bathtub with drawers because I don’t have to think about the storage space too. Double function in one product.

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