Functional Mattress Pads for Dorm Beds with Temperature Control

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Chili Pad Mattress For Dorm Beds

Sometimes we must face a very terrible condition with the weather. It can be so hot in the summer and very cool in the winter. Or might be sometimes we need to face the same condition when we are sick. I believe you need something cool when you get fever, right. And, this is the reason for some designers to finally create this awesome mattress pads for dorm beds.

The ChiliPad™ is a unique mattress that can help you get the most comfortable sleep. This is because you can control the mattress temperature by yourself. Whatever you want no matter the weather condition out there. You don’t have to worry about the summer and winter anymore because with these awesome mattress you are the one who are taking control. No more chilly sleep or uncomfortable sleep in the summer.

This mattress is created with the cooling and heating control. This awesome bed can be set with the temperature between 55°-110°F. And, the mattress has the ability to keep that temperature so, it will not be getting cooler because the will keep the mattress on the temperature that you have set. So, you can enjoy the sleep during the night. All of these arrangements can be set by using the remote control and the control unit that has been linked with the mattress.

The bed is created in unique color. Alf of the bed is colored with the pink color and another side with blue color. It is to represent the main theme about the heating and cooling system inside this mattress. And, if you are attracted to bring it on your home, this great mattress can be yours with $399 of size, for a Single Zone ChiliPad with 30″ x 75″ of size. Not really expensive for an awesome mattress pad with its amazing cooling and heating control.

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