Functional Space Modern Apartment with The Bright Colors

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Bathroom Bright And Functional Odessa Apartment

Arranging an apartment with the super small and limited size doesn’t mean like you must not consider about the functionality. The question of this problem actually is about maximizing every possibility of the apartment to get the best look with the optimal function. I believe you don’t want to waste the space in a super limited area like this for a useless thing, right? So, just take a look at this functional space modern apartment.

Just take a look at this wonderful creation by Ino Getiashvili from Ukrania. Takes place in the old town area of Odessa, this apartment will serve something unique than the common apartment you ever saw. With square meters of size, this apartment can cover the kitchen, living room, and dining room in the same big area.

Created in modern style, actually the power of this apartment is on the color combination. Here, you will find the bright colors in the wall, furniture, and another decorating items. All of them can perfectly be combined with the warm wood floor. The floor, style, and furniture seems united and awesome. I just never imagine how these bright colors can work well inside a small apartment. It seems like each part has their identity and color. The living room for example. It is created with the color combination between purple and white. And, the other side in the kitchen, it uses another color. The blue and white combined with the black accent on the wall. The black accent is full with the notes. For me, this is the best part of the kitchen.

The bedroom comes with the perfect white color combined with the blue accent on the head board with the brown wallpaper in the wall behind it. The bedroom is so simple and modern with the minimalist accent. The bathroom comes with its mysterious brown color combined with the modern metal and glass accent. Honestly, besides the colors, I also like the awesome lighting inside this bright and functional Odessa apartment. It’s so awesome!

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