Fusion Tables with The Melting Side

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Elegant Wooden Fusion Table Collection

Try to find something interesting to your home? Take a look at this cute fusion table from Matthew Robinson. You will be interested to see this cute table with the simple theme and pretty shape. Matthew Robinson created this table as a last project to be graduated from College of Art in England. So, let’s see how is his idea to make him graduated from college.

Actually, the idea inside these table is very simple. But here he serves an originality that can be perfectly combined with the functionality and aesthetic. In these project he combined two colors. The dark and soft brown. This table is created with the super simple shape. It’s square with four legs. Just like the other table that you can see in the market.

So, what makes this table interesting? This table has unique appearance from the cute layers above it. It seems like something melts above the table. He uses the different and contrast color to show this melting side. Well, it seems like liquid chocolate dripping off into the table and forms one of its corner until the leg. It can result and awesome effect because this thing seems so real. Anyway, the Fusion Table is handmade in American Walnut and Maple.

The overall appearance of the table reminds us about the cartoon. This is so funny and playful. And, I guess this cute table will be great to be placed in a space that has been arranged in modern style. Or, you can also use this table as a furniture in your kid’s bedroom. I believe the will love it because of its cute design. The shape will be united easily with the playful concept in your kid’s bedroom. So, do you like these playful and artistic fusion tables like we do? Have you found the best place to put it on?

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