Futuristic and Sci-Fi like living Room Design in Italian Concept

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Black White Futurisrisics Modern Living Room With Large Window

People always want more”, this sentence is literally applied in every aspect of life, including in home design. A modern concept is no longer enough to satisfy the dream house fantasy. More futuristic looks even sci-fi like designs are in high demand this year. Presotto Italia is one of the companies that decided to answer this challenge, combining a futuristic looks with the Italian concept, bringing us these amazing living room designs that can become a great source of inspiration for you.

A futuristic design means metal materials, while the Italian concept has a more minimalist feel to it. That is why choosing metal elements is highly recommended. Use a big metal cabinet in black, contrasting with a white rack in the living room. Instead of hanging prints on the wall, it’s better to simply put them on the rack. Mind the size and composition. Don’t use many chairs, one modern metal chair is enough. Combine it with a simple glass table. A big black carpet is the best option. A black theme is perfect for a futuristic living room.

Another option is a super large room, with a big plasma screen and a home theater set. Use a metal wall unit, a floor lamp, a white sofa and a black carpet in front of the TV, to get a comfortable spot to enjoy time with your family.

Black Brown Modern Living Room With Up Lighting

Decorating Modern And Modern Living Room With Wall Units

Floor Lamp And Black White Stripes Carpet

Futuristics Modern Living Room With  Iron Material

Interior Design Living Room With Sofa Brown And Stand Lamp

Gallery of Futuristic and Sci-Fi like living Room Design in Italian Concept
modern living room with glass separator in hite touch
rough pattern modern living room with black chair and floor
floor lamp and black-white stripes carpet
dorso_book2 002
simple stairs and black sofa in grey modern living room
decorating modern and modern living room with wall units
unique separator and elegant asymetrics carpet
interior design living room with sofa brown and stand lamp
modern living room with brown sofa and floor lamp decorated by brown wall units
black white futurisrisics modern living room with large window
black-brown modern living room with up lighting
futuristics modern living room with  iron material
modern living room with bookshelf

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