Gemma Ahern Apartment Design with The Perfect Combination

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Bedroom Gemma Ahern Apartment Design

Just like what I always say, apartment is becoming a favorite nowadays. That is why so many people out there try to make the best design for their apartment that will be sold to the customer. And, if you don’t really sophisticate with the apartment design you have and you are looking for some design idea, I believe that this Gemma Ahern apartment design will help you get so many ideas for the interior apartment design. Takes place in London, this apartment is created with 1,200 square feet of size with a very fabulous and stylist design. I believe you will be impressed with all of these pictures.

This apartment is created with the combination between classical style with the modern touch. Those two themes is represented by the dark colors that have been used in this apartment. Black and dark brown is the main color of this place and gives a mysterious look to the apartment. The black is used in many spots, beginning from the walls, furniture, even the floor, all use the same theme. Even so, it also uses the white accent in the roof to make it balance. Even this room is filled by the darkness, the overall look still stylish and cheerful because of the colorful accents on the decorating details on the sofa, table, lamps, and another small accents.

I like the way they maximize the maximize the storage spaces. You can see the smart arrangement with big shelves from the floor to roof on the wall near the door. It is not only used as a storage space, but also as the decorative detail. They use so many accents in the walls such as paintings, small sculpt, and another unique stuff like as the big note near the stairs. All of them can make this Gemma Ahern apartment in London comes eye catching and unique

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