Get The Warmness With the Nest Bed

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Bird Nest Bed Designs

Using a nest bed might be can bring the uncommon feeling to our bedroom. The uncommon shape of bird nest bed can be challenging for us to finding the best arrangement for this unique bed. This bird nest bed frame from O*GE is so interesting because it is totally different from the common bed we used to see in the market.

This cute bed has big size. With almost fifteen foot of diameter that can cover all of your family member. With many pillows that placed around it, you and your family can suddenly feel the atmosphere and warmness that can be felt by the birds when they are on the nest. It big size is big enough to cover sixteen people together inside this cute and playful bed in the same time.

The brown block in the edge of this cute bed that arranged into the nest shape can show the main concept. The green pillows inside the nest give the freshness to the room. Just pick some colorful pillow inside it, and you will get the cheerful atmosphere there. The overall appearance is so real. Well, the creator also tried to make this bed multifunction to give you any possibilities. You can sleep here, you can play here, or work inside this huge neat. I believe, this unbelievable bed design can be the main focus of your bedroom when you are placing this unique circle bed in the middle of your bedroom. Your guest will be shocked. Who expects to find a huge nest inside your bedroom?

This bed is available in three different sizes. You can also call this as a multifunction bed because this bed is a place where you can work, play, and make a meeting with your family here. And, of course it can be a comfortable place for you and your family to enjoy the sleep. Multifunction, unique, and cozy. What else I can say?

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