Get your Bathroom ready for Winter

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With the chilly winters knocking on your door, it’s time to warm up your home and make it ready to face the grueling cold months. Most people tend to spend a lot of money to ensure a warm and cozy bedroom, but many tend to ignore the bathroom. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and stepping on the cold bathroom floor that sucks the warmth out of your feet. So if you are planning to update your house for winter, here are a few ideas to remodel your bathroom and prep it as well:

Install floor heating

Installing floor heating is probably the easiest way to warm up your bathroom. It is easy to install, inexpensive and a great investment for your bathroom. No more cold feet when you wake up in the morning. It is a good option if you are renovating your bathroom since installing the system means tearing out the existing floor and redoing it once the system is in place.

Install a bath tub that retains heat

A novel feature for your bathroom is an alternative material for your bathtub. Ditch the usual white ones and indulge in a fancy bath tub made from materials like copper, stainless steel or limestone. These materials also tend to retain heat so you can soak longer. In the long run, these are durable and easy to clean. Metal tubs will develop a patina overtime which will add to the beauty and warmth of the bathroom.

Warm colors

Another easy way to add warmth to your bathroom is by painting it in warm colors. If your bathroom is currently painted white or shades of blue, you may want to re-do it in shades of red, yellow or orange. Warm colors tend to add a feeling of warmth and are ideal for the cold weather. Painting a bathroom is easy and can be done without much professional help. If a paint job is too much, you can add warmth by replacing your shower curtains with large, patterned ones in warm, sunny colors.

Spread a warm rug

A plush bathmat is a staple in every bathroom year round, but this winter instead of a small bath rug, cover your bathroom floor with a large rug. The rug will add warmth and feel cozy under your feet. An intricately patterned rug like a Persian one will radiate warmth from its warm colors and make the bathroom feel toasty.

Add towel warmers

If you are not ready for a full blown bathroom makeover then installing heated towel racks is a good idea. These are inexpensive and a breeze to install. The comfort of walking out of a bath in the dead of winter and wrapping yourself in a warm towel surpasses everything else. The heated towel rack system is small enough to be installed in the smallest bathrooms. If you are worried about it becoming an eye sore, consider transparent glass towel racks.

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