Using Giant Glass in Royal Residential Project

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A Glass Room With White Sofa And Line Pillow Also A Black Desk With The Logam Decor On Top And Flowers In The Pot And Cute White Lamps From The Roof

What do you expect to have when you create your home? Modern furnishings, great arrangements, interesting colors, and beautiful decorations both on the interior and exterior? In today’s post we want to take these wishes further with a royal residential project that uses giant glass.

The giant glass used in this design will definitely change your basic thoughts about home design. If you have beautiful scenery around your house, you can design your home with giant glass either as sliding doors or as large windows. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings all day.

On the other hand, you can create wonderful scenery on your own. How, you ask? Well, it is all about the exterior decorations you use, in the garden, yard, both front and back, patio, and in the other spaces you have outdoors. For the garden, you can plant lovely flowers and arrange them in a stylish manner, as they can make your exterior look more beautiful. And not only flowers and trees, you can also put in a fish pond.

If you have a yard you can plant big trees, to create a refreshing outlook. If you have a small space in your house, don’t hesitate to create a patio. Perfect it with comfy lounge chairs that are trendy and comfortably designed, and place them right in front of the giant glass windows or doors. You can add a contemporary touch to your outdoors using brick walls. Don’t forget to share your designs!

Beautiful Yard With Some Of Trees And The Green Fish Pool With Lotus In The Water And The White Wall Corridor Also A Wood Floor Too

Blue Sky View With Trees Around And White Building Also A Rocks Wall And Glass Wall Too

Classic Bedroom With Cream Bedcover And Pillow And A Single Classic Chair In The Corner With Pool View And Grass Yard Outside Also Cream Curtain In The Glass Door

Fish Pool In The Yard With Four Relax Chairs And Wood Floor Also Glass Wall In Other Side And Trees Outside

Fish Pool With White Lotus And Wood Floor With Big White Wall With Two Lamps In

Gallery of Using Giant Glass in Royal Residential Project
glass house with lot of lamps and the trees around with a big fish pool outside and wood floor too
white bathroom with white washbasin and big miror also a logam shower and three cup too
classic bedroom with cream bedcover and pillow and a single classic chair in the corner with pool view and grass yard outside also cream curtain in the glass door
fish pool in the yard with four relax chairs and wood floor also glass wall in other side and trees outside
fish pool with white lotus and wood floor with big white wall with two lamps in
beautiful yard with some of trees and the green fish pool with lotus in the water and the white wall corridor also a wood floor too
a glass room with white sofa and line pillow also a black desk with the logam decor on top and flowers in the pot and cute white lamps from the roof
unique design of the wall and simple colour with a grass yard outside and some of flowers plants and the trees around
blue sky view with trees around and white building also a rocks wall and glass wall too
modern house in natural place with white wall also some relax chair in front of fish pool under the single tree and some of flowers grass
green fish pool and the lotus on the water and wood floor with white corridor and some room inside the glass wall
private swimming pool indoor with white roof and a trees view also wood floor and glass wall too
glass house in the night with shinning lights and trees around outside also a fish pool and the grass too
white and black sofa in the glass room with trees view outside and grey carpet in the marmer floor

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