Gorgeous tropical Resort in the beautiful Maldives

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Beautiful Blue Sea And Coral Inside With A Hotel With Sky View On Top And Relax Terrace

Maldives is a great vacation spot. This beautiful island offers thousands of panoramic and irresistible views. More than that, if you are eager to enjoy the coral island, there is a tropical resort built over the water. Surrounded by Indian Ocean this place is very suitable for newlyweds who want to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon.

Gili Lankanfushi is a 5-star tropical resort. The rustic design, inside and out, has some great facilities. If you want to sunbathe, there is sun deck in an outdoor space, with captivating views of the Indian Ocean. There’s also a beautiful water garden that you can enjoy during your stay.

To complement the natural and earthy views, this tropical resort uses contemporary furniture. However, the design of the modern furniture is created in a down to earth style in calm colors. For the bedroom decor, the wonderful bright white bedding creates a perfect contrast with the wooden room design. Moreover, there are exclusive views from the bedroom, that last the entire day, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning til’ you close them to rest in the evening.

To complete your nights, you can spend your time with a romantic, candle light dinner in the restaurant. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the refreshing outdoor atmosphere, you can lay down in the comfy lounge and enjoy the airy sensation of the shore. Are you convinced? Don’t forget to share your experience!

Beautiful Sky View And Ocean View In Front Of The Relax Terrace With White Little Umbrella And Some Relax Chair

Enjoy Lunch In The Beach With Some Dish On The Wood Desk And Wood Chair Under The Coconut Trees With Blue Ocean Sea

Hotel In The Sea With Sky View And Relax Chair With Some Pillows And An Umbrella

Hotel On The Sea With Some Unique Ethnic Roof And Some Relax Chair In The Terrace And The Sky On Top View

Movie Night With Some Relax Chair In The Sand And Trees Also The Lampion Around

Gallery of Gorgeous tropical Resort in the beautiful Maldives
hotel in the sea with sky view and relax chair with some pillows and an umbrella
movie night with some relax chair in the sand and trees also the lampion around
square miror in the glass window and the washbasin with logam shower and bath with ocean view and wood floor
wood bridge on the sea with natural hotels around with sky view and corals in the depp blue sea and wood roof
some relax hotel with net bed outside on the sea and sky view and some pillow on the bed
natural hotels with wood bridge and blue ocean with coconut trees around and blue sky on top
wood hotels with coconut tree and blue sky on top also blue ocean around and little ship
beautiful blue sea and coral inside with a hotel with sky view on top and relax terrace
hotel on the sea with some unique ethnic roof and some relax chair in the terrace and the sky on top view
enjoy lunch in the beach with some dish on the wood desk and wood chair under the coconut trees with blue ocean sea
beautiful sky view and ocean view in front of the relax terrace with white little umbrella and some relax chair
white bed in the wood iron bed and ocean view also wood desk and wood chair in the wood floor and some fruits in the basket
two yellow sofa with some pillows and glass desk with wood line and dish on top with coconut trees around also sky view
some relax view in the hotel spa with three candle and two bed and the ocean view with cloudy lights and wood floor
relax hotel on the sea with some wood desk and yellow sofa with some bottle on the desk and relax chair outside
unique dining room with some hole in the wall and some bottles in the hole also unique desk with marmer chair and dining set

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