Great Home Office decorating Ideas

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Think chic decor ends at your home office? Think again! Gone are the days of the boring white walls with the plain black desk and gray file cabinets. Home offices are a great area to get really creative with your style and decor. If you have a dedicated home office – i.e. you’re a freelancer or you work from home – you’ll definitely want to look for pieces that are versatile and give you plenty of bang for your buck. If you’re just looking to jazz up your general computer area, keep it simple and add a few stylish accessories.

So where to start when it comes to designing your home office? Begin with a style: do you want to keep it in line with the rest of your home or do want to veer off track? A fun way to think of ways to decorate your home office is taking inspiration from your career. If you’re a writer, you can decorate with books, pages and graphic letters. If you work in fashion, have fun with cloth and fashion forms. Graphic designer? Posters and graphic letters will look great too!

As for your style, the home office is no holds barred. Even if you’re an accountant who needs to to take their work home, maybe you have a more eclectic sense of style? Your home office can totally reflect that. You can go with high-fashion glamor, minimalist, bold, whatever suits your tastes.

Another thing to think about is how much space you have. The great thing about a lot of home office furniture is that they come in all shapes and sizes. So if you have only enough room for a small desk, you can use something as simple as a four-legged desk or office table, but use your walls and shelves for storage space. If you have a dedicated home office, feel free to open up with a larger desk and even some chic and stylish chairs to hold meetings.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of decorating a home office is adding the accessories! From lamps to letter openers, to file cabinets, even cute paper clips, there are so many ways to make your home office chic. In fact, if you’re decorating on a tight budget, accessories is where you’ll want to focus. Thrift or buy a basic desk and computer chair, and jazz it up with those fun accessories.

Check out this gallery on making your home office chic for some extra ideas and inspirations:

Simple home office with chalk boardSource

This little home office is so chic and simple. A little white desk with a chalkboard that comes with  light file storage is great if you just a need an area for your letters and files.

Black and white graphic drapesSource

For a home office where you know you’ll be meeting with clients and co-workers, take advantage of as much space as possible. And again, don’t be afraid to go bold in terms of style – graphic black & white stripes with mixed chairs and a mood-board accent wall.

NYC home office Source

Love this mix of simple, yet modern lines with contemporary pieces, it’s one way to go if you have a mix of the two. Plus, that swag leg desk is perfection!


For those of you who are perfectionists, you’ll love this idea: grouping your writing instruments by color and kind in their own separate containers. Grouping is always a fun, cute way to keep your home office clutter free.

Brick wall home officeSource

If you’re really tight on space, here’s where you get inventive. A small table and a wall-mounted table can turn any corner into a cute, but functional home office!

Designers Home OfficeSource

For those of you who love art, fashion and/or graphic design, be sure to integrate those things into your home office for inspiration. Group several of your favorite framed posters or prints to create a neater, more sophisticated mood board.


Architects and designers will love this idea for their home office space.

elegant comfy home officeSource

Just because it’s an office, it doesn’t mean that it has to be stark and boring. Soften things up a bit with some diaphanous, jewel-toned curtains.

Monochrome home officeSource

Black and white is always a go-to way to add some chic to your home decor.  It’s graphic, modern and always very stylish!

Gallery of Great Home Office decorating Ideas
Monochrome home office
Brick wall home office
elegant comfy home office
Simple home office with chalk board
NYC home office
Designers Home Office
Black and white graphic drapes

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