How to use a green Design for a stylish House

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In the era of global warming, owning a house with a green design and an energy saving solution it’s a must. We choose a stylish house in Venice, Italy to show you how green design can look and what kinds of energy saving solutions are available for your home. This house was designed by Minarc, using mostly eco-friendly materials. The architecture beautifully combines wood and glass and a few nature elements, like stones.

How to use a green Design for a stylish House

Wood is the main material used in this green design; you can see it on the walls, ceilings, on the floor and in the furniture. Even the bathroom sink is made of wood. The large windows and glass doors create a beautiful open space. The rooms are easy to ventilate by simply opening the windows and letting the air circulate.

The solar chimney complements the natural ventilation of the house nicely, and it has a double function, allowing passive solar heating in the colder weather. A solar chimney helps you keep a constant temperature in the house, during every season. This reduces the use of electric air conditioners or heaters. This is a great energy saving solution.

Under the metal staircase, large grey stones complement the design. The pool is also a nice addition to the natural vibe of the house. It’s surrounded by wooden floors and organic green grass. This house is perfect for an eco-friendly family, who is interested in green living, green design and saving energy! Don’t forget to share your ideas!

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How to use a green Design for a stylish House
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