Hidden and Invisible Staircase Bathrooms

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Bathrooms Under Stairs Design

If you have a multilevel home, why don’t we use the area under the stairs as staircase bathrooms? I believe there is some empty room on it, and make it more functional with making a bathroom under stairs is not a bad idea, right? Under staircase bathrooms might be little bit weird, but if it can finally create an awesome creation, why not?

An area under the stairs must be small. That is why, you must not put too many thing inside this type of bathroom. The white bathroom can be a good option. Well, as we know, white makes the room seems bigger and maximize the overall area.

The first picture is my favorite. With the modern style and arrangement, the bathroom can perfectly combine the modernity from the metal accent on the tap and white color on the wall and floor. The white stairs above it can be another decorating items and bring another touch to the bathroom. So, can also use it to beautify the room. The arrangement is including in which side you must place something is so important too. The lower area can be used as a bathtub just like what we can see in the first picture. This is because bathtub doesn’t really need a high area.

Or, you can also give small touch of the wood inside the room to fill the bathroom with the warmness. It can also balance the cold atmosphere that used in these bathrooms. Just like what we can see in the second the main point of everything is not to put too much stuff in. Picture where we can get a good combination between wood, curve utilities on the sink, toilet, and mirror that created in white color. All of them are combined with the pretty wall that created with the grey tiles in square form.

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