Hidden Kitchen for Small Space Home

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Concealed Kitchen

Have you ever thought about having hidden kitchen in your home? Surely, it does not mean that the kitchen is nothing to see. Hidden kitchen is a kitchen where we still can do everything here. Hidden kitchen has function as other kitchen. But, if it is not in use, we cannot see it. What a great idea, isn’t it? In other word, hidden kitchen is designing kitchen with a smart and chic way for the solution of small space at your home. However, the first step to make hidden kitchen is choosing the best color of it. Go take a look for some ideas how to design small space kitchen. Some experts called it hidden kitchen design. The main idea is let white colour being dominant colour at your kitchen so it seems wider than actual size. White colour gives the room a kind of clean and sleek atmosphere. White colour is used not only for the wall, but also for some important item such as kitchen countertop, roof colour, curtains, kitchen backsplash and a set of storage. Let’s start with kitchen countertop.

The, also remember that white countertop will help you mix and match another design at the kitchen. Marble kitchen desk which patched with countertop surrounding by ten wooden seating must be the best aspect of this design. It is not only that, if you need some kinds of sophisticated design in hidden kitchen, then you can give wooden details on the kitchen selves, countertop frame and even wall details at the right and left space which enchasing your high-end appliances such as kitchen stove. Invest your money by buying simple design appliances in high technology so you can have modern look at your kitchen.

After that, you have to find the best storage for hidden kitchen. It is because of small space kitchen so you need to consider how to keep another kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, coffee maker and so on. That’s why you need hidden storage. You can locate white cupboard along the kitchen as closed storage that hidden your kitchen items. Build it with many racks to put small things in and reserving larger space to locate refrigerator, drink collection’s rack and another thing even a sink. Close that big cupboard when you aren’t use it and it seems like hallway.

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