High flexibility for modern People: Atelierhouse

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In today’s post we bring you a unique and special design of a house, constructed both as a living and a working environment. Harry Thaler designed this house with the intention to create a minimalist yet practical interior decor. Named Atelierhouse, this house is a definite solution for modern people who love a minimalist design both at home and in their working environment.

Taking a closer look at the pictures, you can see that Atelierhouse comes with a truly simple and modern design, for instance in its furniture, accessories, walls, ceilings, and even in the small details. The furnishing lines of this house are made of nailed pine panels and black MDF. The closet is also made from unfinished wood on the exterior and black-painted MDF on the interior. The floor lamp in the dining room is crafted as an industrialized pipe system.

High flexibility defines this modern house. You can see that every single piece in this house is made to help the owner move fast and work hard. In response to those same demands, the beds are made with pliable front parts that can be closed anytime. Even the color tones are defined for this state of mind, creating a spacious feel, perfect to live and work in.

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